Sunday, August 2, 2015

Miami Valley Study Group's New Blog

We have created this blog to keep interested viewers informed of additions to our extensive Cambridge Glass web site (, photo albums ( and auction albums ( There are educational & Hollywood videos, Crystal Ball newsletter back issues from 1973, over 24,000 catalog images and photographs of Cambridge Glass and photographs of past and coming annual auction lots. You will also find information on Cambridge colors, trademarks and additional information of interest to Cambridge Glass collectors.

This forum will also allow us to provide tips on how to get the most from our extensive Cambridge Glass collection of information.

You can check this page periodically for new posts or you can subscribe to this page with an RSS Feed Reader. An RSS Feed Reader add-on is available for all web browsers except the new EDGE browser in Windows 10 (that will probably come eventually). The advantage of using an RSS Feed Reader is letting it monitor this blog for new posts so you don't have to remember to check back regularly.