Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Stemware Identification Aid

The second addition of 2016 to our web site is a new stemware identification aid album. The album title is "Stemware - Full Shape Shown." It is located in the "Identification Aids" category on the albums home page, then subcategory "General Lines and Shapes." To quote from the album description:

"Examples of complete stemware singles and lines. Samples are shown with links to additional stems when available. Drinking vessels are the main items included but links may display other items on the same stems. Some links also display related footed tumblers that do not have stems."

We hope this album will help lead you to the proper identification of Cambridge stemware items. Open the album and scan the thumbnails for possible matches. When you find a possible match, click the thumbnail to display a larger image showing better details. Most of the initial images are goblets. Have something other than a goblet that appears to match the stem? Click the link to "View More Examples" of items with like stems. This album covers all available Cambridge stemware produced from 1902-1958 shown on the MVSG web site.

Still want to see more examples, use the SEARCH function using the item number and shape style name such as " 3011 cocktail." This search function may show several more examples including photographs of actual production items.