Friday, April 28, 2017

New Videos and Photographs at

Late 2016 and four months in 2017 have been busy times adding videos and photos to our web site and photo albums.

You will find new videos of the “Bring and Brag” sessions at the October 2016 and March 2017 quarterly meetings. Click here to view these and other educational programs and Hollywood videos.

473 photos were added in November 2016. These photos feature new items from the 2017 NCC auction photography session in November and Miami Valley Study Group (MVSG) meetings in late 2016. You can conduct a “Search” function to see these photos using the following search parameters:

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Newer than 178 days
Older than 118 days

Increase the “Days” counts for the difference between today’s date (April 28, 2017) and the date you perform this search. Alternately, you could enter the name of your favorite etching in the search box if you track a particular etching, e.g. “point” for Rose Point etching. If your favorite etching is numbered only, enter “e” and the number without spaces, like “e731”, in the search box. Also check the “Filename” check box to increase the probability of search hits.

224 photos and images were added in April 2017 from a variety of sources. Featured items include pharmaceutical items from an MVSG program and two newly acquired pharmaceutical catalogs from 1905 and 1907. A new “ID Aid” album was created to facilitate identifying pharmaceutical items. The “Search” function can also be used to view these images using the following search parameters:

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Newer than  5  days

Also featured in these latest photos are new images from another newly acquired Cambridge catalog covering the 2636 “2636 "Sunburst" Line. This makes the coverage on the Sunburst line more complete.

Those readers planning to attend this year’s NCC convention should also plan to attend an educational session by the Miami Valley Study Group covering how to maximize the use of the key features on the MVSG web site for identification of Cambridge glass. Bring your laptop, internet enabled tablet or smart phone with data plan to this session. It is currently scheduled for 4:00 PM, Thursday, June 22nd.

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