Monday, December 18, 2017

New Features on Miami Valley Study Group Web Site

This summer and early fall has been a slow period for project completion. However, we can report that several additions have been made to our web site during the last two months.

1. 432 photos have been added to our reference photo albums. Most of them came from the October National Cambridge Collectors quarterly meeting program on "Fall Colors" or from the photo shoot of the Lots for the 2018 auction. See prior posts for guidance on searching for and displaying new photos.

2. A video of the "Fall Colors" program has been added to our videos page along with a video on the "Bring and Brag" presentation after the main program.

3. A new photo album has been created to display the 424 lots for the 2018 auction.

4. A new feature was added to our home page to display a listing of original catalogs and price lists. Links on this new page allow you to access the National Cambridge Collectors publications page for reprinted items available for sale or to view or download those catalogs and price lists not reprinted.

5. A second new feature was added to our home page to display many miscellaneous Cambridge Glass Company documents including sales brochure, sales booklets, molds junked during WWII, mold order books, move & cost lists and advertising mats. All these documents can be downloaded for off-line research. More such documents will be added from time to time. Watch this blog for messages when new items are added to this page.

6. And, finally, the Miami Valley Study Group has created a YouTube© video channel to provided more access to educational videos on Cambridge Glass. The channel has the first two of six planned short videos on Cambridge Swans. In additional to the six videos on Swans, plans are to create short videos on other Cambridge Glass topics. We recommend that you subscribe to the channel to receive automatic notifications when new videos are added to the channel. To subscribe, click this link and click the "Subscribe" button on the right side of the page.

Enjoy these new items!!